Connecting to IkaScope WS200

In order to use IkaScope WS200 oscilloscope, you need a Wifi connected screen, to display the signal and configure the device (Setup the trigger, set time base, etc). That screen can be a smartphone, a tablet or computer.

You can connect to your IkaScope to the display device in two different ways covering all the situations: whether you’re at work, at home or in the field.

Direct point-to-point connection

This is the easiest way to get your IkaScope oscilloscope up and running. It is called Access Point [AP] mode. In this case, IkaScope will be configured to create its own wifi network (like a hotspot, but without an internet connection).

Connection to IkaScope wireless oscilloscope in AP mode

How to connect to IkaScope in AP mode?

First, ensure that IkaScope is turned on and set in AP mode (white led blinking). If it’s not, you can force IkaScope into AP mode by pushing the reset button, as described at the bottom of this article. Then, depending on your platform, connect to the wifi network created by IkaScope.

Selecting IkaScope WS200 network

Once connected in AP mode, you should be able to see your device in the IkaScope app, connect to it and start your measurements.

IkaScope application searching for IkaScope device

Connection through an existing access point

As you connect your smartphone to a standard wifi network, IkaScope may be paired to a router. This is called Station [STA] mode (and it’s recommended for best performance and battery life). After that, any computer or mobile device on the network can discover it, even if it does not have wifi. In this case the blue led will be lit.

Connection to IkaScope WS200 oscilloscope in STA mode

Why is it better to setup and use STA mode?

Once your oscilloscope is registered to one or multiple networks, it will automatically connect to it at start up and be available straight away in the IkaScope app. On the other hand, if IkaScope is in AP mode, you’ll have to change your computer or mobile wifi network configuration to connect to IkaScope’s wifi at each start up.

How to connect in STA mode?

Well, that depends: If IkaScope is in AP mode (white led lit) follow the procedure described above to access your device’s wifi manager. If IkaScope is in STA mode (blue led lit) and your computer or mobile is already connected to the same network as your device, just launch the IkaScope app and go to the wifi manager.

You can now register your favorite network(s) to IkaScope’s memory. After applying, your oscilloscope will restart and try to connect to that network. Please ensure your computer or mobile is connected to the same network. Once connected, you should be able to see your device in the list.

IkaScope application showing multiple devices found on the network