The new 9 Channels Logic Analyzer.
250MSPS. USB 3 Streaming. Industrial Inputs.
In Depth analysis and debugging of digital electronics.
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Diagnose electronics

We provide instruments and software for creative
electronics and firmware engineers.

Logic Analyzers

Debug electronic systems and embedded firmware quickly,
with logic analyzers designed for professionals.

SP209 Logic Analyzer

Unique Logic analyzers

Feature rich software and professional hardware make the difference

Our range of logic analyzers connect to your computer via USB and lets you analyze and process hours of high frequency signals and spot rare events. State of the art hardware guarantees reliable measurements, and open-source add-on scripts offer in depth protocol analysis.

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SP259 series Logic AnalyzerReliable and versatile.

9 channels logic analyzer running at 250MSPS. 1Gb internal memory and USB 3.0 streaming capability allows you to capture hours of logic signals, at maximum frequency on all 9 channels. Analyze dozens of serial protocols (like I2C, SPI, 1-Wire, RS232, CAN, etc...) using open source protocol analyzer library.

SP259 All Logic analyzers
SP209 Logic Analyzer

ScanaStudio SoftwareFeatures-packed, free forever.

ScanaStudio is the software that runs all Ikalogic Logic Analyzer devices. It's super easy to use, yet, it's packed with professional features like protocol based trigger, packet-views or signal editor.
ScanaStudio helps you get the most out of your logic analyzer.

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Open source script for Logic analyzer

Open source add-on scriptsAnalyze, process and more!

ScanaStudio comes with a comprehensive library of scripts to enhance and customize the software. Based on simple JavaScript syntax, scripts allows you to analyze new protocols, define custom trigger sequences, export data to a custom format or generate a test report. The only limit is your imagination!

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Add-on scripts

Protocol decoders and add-on scripts

We maintain an extensive and growing library of scripts that covers most protocols (like SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, UART, CAN, LIN and much more). Other add-ons will create custom trigger sequences or build signals.
ScanaStudio scripts let you unleash your creativity, and debug your firmware quickly.

IkaScope WS200

Ultra portable, wireless oscilloscope probe. The swiss army knife of oscilloscopes, for your electronics debugging adventures.

IkaScope is a new kind of instrument: It's a full featured oscilloscope fitted inside a WiFi connected probe. IkaScope takes no extra space on your desk and follows you everywhere with a 1-week battery life. It connects to your computer, smartphone or tablet to display captured signals.

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