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Reporting a bug to Ikalogic

...bug and crash tracking have evolved in Ikalogic during the past few years. 

So, when you send a report to Ikalogic (whether it's from ScanaStudio or IkaScope), an anonymous log is uploaded to our servers, along with a comment (if you added one in ScanaStudio)...

We're rolling back forums, finally

...Why did all that happen? Well, in the past few years, specially last 3 years, I've been constantly trying to make our workflow more effective, hoping this would eventually allow us to bring better products, in less time. I was trying to find the perfect mix of online software (internal communication, bookkeeping, support system, etc...). Finding that perfect mix is not a piece of cake, and brings in a huge amount of constraints. Obviously, it took some time, and more importantly, it took some trial and error....