How to open older ScanaStudio files

NOTE: We’re currently working on bringing back support to older ScanaStudio files.

Along the years, ScanaStudio software has drastically changed, so did our experience in handling the evolution of the features of the software.

We always try to support older files, and the further we move, the more we try to be backward compatibly. However, at some point in the product’s life, some important changes meant it was not easy or practical to be fully backward compatible.

In this page, we’ll try to assist you to recover old ScanaStudio files (in case the latest ScanaStudio version is unable to open those files).

Files generated by ScanaStudio V3.0.17 or earlier

It is possible recover those files by following those steps:

Open your source file (ex: file.scana) with latest ScanaStudio 3.0.x release Save the file as file_30.scana As this point, file_30.scana is compatible with both 3.0.x and 3.1.x release of ScanaStudio.

Files generated by ScanaStudio V2.3

Ikalogic support is able recover those files, please contact with the file (or files) that need to be recovered, and we’ll take care of making them compatible with the latest version of ScanaStudio.