ScanaStudio scripts

ScanaStudio scripts are JavaScript (.js) files that are executed by ScanaStudio. Those scripts have access to the signals captured by logic analyzer devices and can output data in various ways depending on the task the script is executing. There are various kinds of scripts, the most common type is a protocol decoder script, that is, a script that will decode (interpret) logic signals according to a standard protocol (like I2C, Serial UART, CAN, Etc…). Some scripts will allow a logic analyzer device to trigger on a specific word of a protocol, and finally, some scripts can build logic signals**, that can be later generated by devices that support signal generation (SQ and SP1000G series).

Whether you’re familiar with programming and scripting or not, it’s important to understand how ScanaStudio can be enhanced with such scripts. It’s also important to understand that as a user of those scripts, you don’t need to write any code to use them.

If you’re interested in modifying existing scripts or writing your own scripts, we invite you to read the Scripting user manual.

The Script Manager

The Script Manager can be opened from the settings at the top right of the workspace. It’s a window in which you can see your local Script library and the new updates which are available online :

Scripts library manager

Note: In case ScanaStudio is not able to access the internet, you can check the list of up-to-date scripts online, download any one of them, and add it to your local folder. The local folder where the scripts are stored can be found by clicking on “Open Local folder” button in the image above.