IkaScope WiFi settings

A wifi manager is provided on both desktop & mobile apps. It allows you to set IkaScope’s wifi preferences. The process is quite similar on all the platforms.

What is the purpose of IkaScope’s Wifi Manager?

IkaScope can store and “remember” up to 3 wifi networks. Let’s say you want IkaScope to connect automatically to your office’s wifi and your home’s wifi. Well, you’ll just have to add these network configurations to your IkaScope, just as Smartphones do.

IkaScope Wifi manager

The network list order represents the priority of connection. At start-up IkaScope will try to connect to each one of the wifis stored until it is able to connect to one of them. In case of successful connection, this network would go top of the list. That means that this list is not static, it will evolve, ensuring you always get the fastest connection to networks you regularly use.

Changing the channel in AP mode can improve connection reliability in case of highly loaded networks. Be sure to meet local regulations when doing this.

How can I access the Wifi Manager?

First launch IkaScope app, then open the IkaScope menu. Start searching for devices by clicking connect an ikascope

Accessing wifi manager

A list of available IkaScope devices will be displayed, as shown below. If you can’t find your device in the list, please read this article. A click on the highlighted button opens the wifi manager.

accessing wifi manager for a specific device

Alternative way to access to the Wifi manager

If you are already connected to the scope, you can access it by clicking on the highlighted button.

IkaScope device settings

Then click on the “wifi manager” button.

IkaScope device page

Compatible WiFi networks

IkaScope is only compatible with 2.4 GHz wifi networks (5 GHz is not supported). In terms of encryption, it can connect to open, WEP and WPA/WPA2 secured networks. IkaScope does not support WPA2 Enterprise.