Automatic measurements history

One of IkaScope’s most innovative functionalities is called Automatic History. It automatically saves a capture of the signal after releasing ProbeClick (tm) tip. This allows for example to quickly recall previously measured signals. The green frame that appears at releasing moment signifies that the capture was saved to the history.

IkaScope oscilloscope app capture history

You can access the history anytime by clicking on the history button.

History icon in IkaScope app

The history database is split in two parts:

  1. The Current Session that, as the names implies, saves all the captures since the launch of the application
  2. Favorites where captures are persistently saved, even after the application is closed.

Saving records into the permanent memory is quite easy, you just have to click on the favorite icon as shown below.

Ising history and favorite measurements

Browsing through the captures is a snap. You can also add measurements and cursors as you wish.