Getting started with IkaScope WS200.

Is this the first time you are using IkaScope? You’re at the right place!

Start by carefully reading the datasheet / user manual, available at for safety information.

You do know that IkaScope is a pen shaped wireless oscilloscope that connects to almost any connected screen and streams captured signals through wifi. First download the app for the platform you want to use IkaScope with.

IkaScope wireless oscilloscope connected to smartphone via Wifi

Note: During the chapters in this manual, the words IkaScope, WS200, or “IkaScope WS200” may be used. They all refer to the same product. Depending on the context, IkaScope may refer to the companion application that is required to run the physical IkaScope WS200 device.

Turning IkaScope ON

Just press the probe tip (ProbeClick™) to power up your IkaScope oscilloscope. IkaScope will automatically shut down after a while if you don’t use it. If it does not turn on, it may be totally discharged, in this case, please connect a USB cable to IkaScope’s charging port.

Status LEDs meaning

On the back of the product, you can see 2 LEDs that represent the status of IkaScope.

  • The Battery led can be green or orange, depending on battery charge status
  • The Wifi led can be blue (STA) or white (AP) depending on wifi mode

IkaScope wifi oscilloscope status LEDs

Connect to the IkaScope wifi network

IkaScope has to be connected to the same wifi network as your connected screen in order to work. You can find detailed documentation here. Anyway, for the very first usage, IkaScope will create its own wifi network. The SSID of that network will begin with “IKASCOPE” and end with the serial number of your IkaScope. Please connect to it.

Connecting to IkaScope WS200 via iOS

Launch the app

Launch the IkaScope application, open the top menu and click on Connect an IkaScope

Launching IkaScope application

Just select your IkaScope from the list. You are now ready to measure!

Selecting the right IkaScope from the list of available devices

Please note that if several devices are connected to the same network (and if they’re turned ON), they will appear in that list. Please select from the list the one that has the same serial number as yours.

Let’s see some signals on the screen!

Don’t forget to connect the ground clip. Press ProbeClick™ tip and keep it pressed for a while. You can now begin your first measurements. Note: If you’re in Auto trigger mode, you have to keep the ProbeClick™ tip pressed for the screen to continuously refresh and display signals.

Read the next chapters of this guide to become an IkaScope WS200 super user!

IkaScope WS200 oscilloscope application