API Common types

As its name implies, the API common types groups type declarations that are common for all logic analyzer devices.

Documented C header file

Below is the latest version of the file ihwapi_common_types.h


 * @brief The ihwapi_err_code_t enum
enum ihwapi_err_code_t
    IHWAPI_OK = 0, ///< All is OK
    IHWAPI_BUSY,///< Device is busy
    IHWAPI_INVALID_ARGUMENT, ///< One or more invalid arguments were used when calling an API function
    IHWAPI_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND, ///< Device not found
    IHWAPI_DEVICE_NOT_OPEN, ///< Device is not open
    IHWAPI_INVALID_HANLDE, ///< invalid Handle is used
    IHWAPI_DEVICE_ALREADY_OPEN, ///< Device is already open
    IHWAPI_DEVICE_ERROR, ///< Hardware error in the device hardware
    IHWAPI_FIRMWARE_ERROR, ///< Firmware error (invalid version or corrupted image)
    IHWAPI_FIRMWARE_UPDATE_ERROR, ///< Error during firmware update
    IHWAPI_DESCROPTOR_MISMATCH, ///< Device descritor does not match actual device
    IHWAPI_DEVICE_ACTIVATION_ERROR, ///< An error occured while activating the device
    IHWAPI_UNKNOWN_ERROR,///< Unknown error
    IHWAPI_NOT_SUPPORTED, ///< Unsopported command by this device

 * @brief The device_descriptor_t struct defines any device detected by the API
struct device_descriptor_t
     * @brief sn pointer to Null terminated string for the serial number
    char* sn;
     * @brief desc pointer to Null terminated string for the descriptions of the device
    char* desc;

#endif // DEVICE_TYPE_H