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Migrating from MCU world to FPGA - PART 3

In this third and last part of that tutorial, we get to set up the tools needed to test a “hello world” project.

Migrating from MCU world to FPGA - PART 2

In this second part of this series about FPGAs, we’re going to dig deeper into the world of FPGAs and discuss some of the most important aspects that you need to understand to get started

Migrating from MCU world to FPGA - PART 1

In this first part, we will present - from a micro-controller perspective - what are FPGAs and how they are different from MCUs (micro-controllers)

Plot Logic Analyzer data on a graph

This articles presents how ScanaStudio can be used to plot logic analyzer data on a graph.

Ikalogic in 2022

Scan I2C bus for any present device - the easy way!

How to open older ScanaStudio files

CAN FD protocol

Sensor+test 2019 in Nüremberg